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Finally finished revisions for the children's novel, or at least I've revised as much as I can for now. I can't believe what a struggle revision can be, or how long it can take, particularly at this point, when I'm working on my own and just trying to get a solid grasp of the story before sharing it with anyone else. It's a difficult time, because the story is still so fresh that I'm not yet ruthless enough to chop entire scenes or rework the whole middle third of the novel (which is something I have a sinking feeling I'll need to do, so I'm letting it sit for a few weeks before tackling it again). Hopefully I will be struck with vicious brilliance between now and Revision#3, and I won't even have to do a Revision#4... Well, that is of course until a publisher gets hold of it and then there are a million more revisions you never would have thought of on your own... *sigh*  

So of course the antidote to Revision Blues is to start writing again! 10,000 words into my Cornwall erotica now, which is just a bit slow getting off the ground--or getting down to the ground, if you know what I mean... I guess it's not that surprising, considering I just spent a few months buried in the world of children's books, but I (and my characters) are really ready for a bit of smut! Overdue for Smut... okay, maybe not as catchy as Overdue for Pleasure...  But anyway, to stop my characters' bickering/flirting for a while, I've trapped them in a priest's confessional... Now let's see what kind of mischief they get up to! 

I do have to say that I love this part of the writing process--it's just so much fun! Everything is possible, and nothing seems complicated, and I usually have such a crush on my guy character, kind of like when you first meet someone and they're still really perfect in your eyes... But to make matters worse this time, I've based him on a  "real" guy (well, "real" in a gorgeous TV handyman kind of way) that I sort of have a crush on in real life, but maybe more on that another time... :) 

8/7/2015 02:58:27

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