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Okay, maybe I'm getting a bit overly ambitious, but my new challenge is to write 700 words a day on the days when I'm not working at the day job, and 500 words a day the rest of the time. One week into the new routine, and I'm shocked to say that it seems to be working! As long as Munchkin takes his nap in the afternoon, it's not too painful. Usually I can get all 700 words done while he's napping, but if not, I only have a couple of hundred left to do at the end of the day. So far so good! 

The book I've been working on this month is actually a children's book (written under a different name, of course), so it's a bit easier to pick up and put down in the middle of a scene. Not sure what will happen when I'm in the middle of a sizzling sex scene and I've reached my word count goals or Munchkin wakes up... But I guess I'll find out in about 10000 words or so (a couple of weeks at the new pace!), when I finish this draft and dip back into the little Cornwall cottage, where my characters have been waiting (im)patiently for me to come back and turn up the heat...

7/17/2013 23:38:47

This is so inspiring, and seems so do-able! I can see how the words will really add up even though it doesn't seem like a crazy amount per day. I've been really wanting to get back to writing since having my second baby (she's 11 months now), and your post just may be the kick start I needed! Thank you!


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