Shelley Aikens:  Hot, Steamy Erotica

Wowzers! I just finished making my own website to showcase my new book, Overdue for Pleasure (coming out November 1, 2010, with Carina Press).  I confess to shedding many frustrated tears along the way, and having a few shouting matches between me and the computer. (Guess who won almost every time???)

But now it's pretty much done--or as done as a work in progress by a chronically indecisive procrastinator ever can be. Now to try to keep up to date with the blog posts at the same time as I meet my daily writing goals and try to hold down my day job while making sure the dog gets his walk and the cats get fed and I can keep up with the piles and piles of wonderful novels that are waiting for me to read...
So let's see, how about some background on me?  I'm a writer/librarian living in Vancouver, BC. I love it here, especially in the sunny summertime, and especially when I'm lucky enough to spend the days reading and sunning myself on the beach.  Did I mention I love it here? 
But in the winter, when the rain starts, I find myself longing for anything but.  That's when I feel the call of adventure pulling at me.  Sometimes I long for exotic places like Nepal, New Zealand, or my latest craving for Africa.  Other times I wish for heat and sun, and that's when I want travel to the Caribbean or Hawaii.  Or I might try for some culture and head over to England or Belgium or someplace. 

And then there's my favourite destination of all. At least once every winter I start longing for--of all things--cold and snow, and that's when I pack my mittens and head back east to visit my family in Ontario.  Who knew you could get homesick for things like freezing rain, snowdrifts, huge parking lots, and unbearable humidity? But homesick I am, on a regular basis. And restless for new horizons at the same time.  
But you can't pick up and travel all the time (especially not on my salary), so when I start to feel that adventurous spirit whispering in my ear, my new resolution will be to lose myself in my writing. So if my books start to resemble travelogues, that will be the reason!  

And, well, I am sorta used to living out my fantasies in my writing--I write erotica, after all!  

So tell me, where should my next writing adventures take me? Sex on the beach like Susan Lyons? A farm in Texas like Leah Braemel?  The rain is starting here in Vancouver, and I'm feeling that restless urge...