Shelley Aikens:  Hot, Steamy Erotica
Today's the day I'm featured on the Carina Press blog! Suddenly I feel a bit nervous, like right before a big presentation. I think I have stage fright :)  

J Poorwriter
11/3/2010 22:16:17

I think you should follow your instincts and your inspiration. There will always be critics, no matter what you do. Who knows--maybe you'll create a whole new genre, with a huge following! Congratulations on your book release; I can't wait to read it!

11/4/2010 01:12:29

I love that advice--optimism is one of the best talents a writer can develop, I think :) Thanks for making me smile!

Jessica Z
11/5/2010 00:25:02

i love the cover of your book! Very interesting and alluring....
what always calms me down is to take a nice hot bath
Good luck!

7/16/2012 02:00:07

I stumbled on this from Google and wanted to say thanks for posting


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