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I can't believe the date of my last entry on this blog! Has it really been that long? No, I haven't been in a 2-year coma, and no I haven't quit writing to become a nun or anything like that. But actually it's kind of close... I've spent the last year and a half in the writing-coma that is new parenthood! Yes, I've been busy creating, but not writing--I've actually made a real human being with my latest creative efforts! I have to say that so far, he's my masterpiece. If I could turn him into a book, he'd be a bestseller for sure. :) 

But for anyone who's tried it, writing erotica while caring for a newborn on relatively little sleep while longing for a shower and wearing spitup-stained yoga pants for the tenth day in a row doesn't really work all that well... Or at least it doesn't work for me, though I'd love to hear from anybody who has been able to make it work! Writing while pregnant would have been great (nobody ever told me about the effects of pregnancy hormones on the sex drive--wowza!), but I was inevitably too exhausted at the end of each long work day to do anything more ambitious than just collapse into bed. But now that I'm moving out of the blissful fog of new motherhood, I'm finding myself craving writing time again, sneaking away to dash off a little fantasy scene or two while the baby's sleeping. 

Eventually, I was able to find enough time and focus to rewrite my second novel, which I'm shopping around right now. It's super hot but at the same time a bit of a genre-bender, with a hint of magic woven through in an otherwise realistic plot. Magical erotic chick lit, is about the best way to describe it... You could never class it as a paranormal, but there are definitely a few elements in it that make you have to stretch a bit to suspend disbelief. Just a few, though--think "Bewitched" with an erotic twist!  

And so now, here I am working on my third novel. So excited about this one! It's another librarian on an erotic adventure, this time taking a house swap to Cornwall, where the locals are just as gorgeous as the scenery... Well, at least that's what I think it will turn out to be--you never know what will happen to a story after you start writing it.  Stay tuned and I'll let you know how it goes...

Check out my Featured New Release and Author Profile on a great erotica website, Erotica for All. I love this site! Many of my favourite writers are featured here, and it's exciting to be one of them :)
And to add to the excitement, another positive review of Overdue for Pleasure has come out on Sugarbeat's Books review blog.  Thanks to Barb for trying something outside of her comfort zone!

The book I'm working on now is falling between genres, and I'm starting to wonder if I'm setting myself up for failure this way. It has a bit of magic in it as a central theme, but other than that, it doesn't even come close to being a true paranormal. I'm worried about writing in between the genres like this, because won't all of the diehard paranormal fans be disappointed by the lack of paranormal content, while at the same time, won't the "regular" erotica readers be turned off by the fact that it contains a bit of magic? I know you can't please everyone all the time, but what if you can't please anybody any of the time???

I've had similar thoughts about Overdue for Pleasure, which also kind of falls between genres--it's romantic erotica, but not quite erotic romance, if that makes sense. There is definitely a romantic relationship that develops at the core, but it doesn't happen in the traditional structure of a romance. It's more about the main character discovering herself through her sexuality, and in the process discovering love. It's different, and I wonder if that might not be such a good thing after all... 

I've been at this doubting stage before, and the only thing I really can do is to keep on writing and let the story become whatever it needs to be. But in the rewrites, maybe I should pick one genre and make it fit?  What do you think? Should I embrace my non-conformity or sand off my square edges to fit into that round hole? :)
It's November 1...  You know what that means!!! THE BOOK IS OUT!!!  I've been compulsively checking the Amazon "bestseller ranking," just to prove to myself that it really is out there. Right now I'm at #27, 414, although a half-hour ago, I was at #25, 320. Maybe not the most reliable ranking system? Or maybe a bunch of people bought it and returned it :)

So far I don't feel any different... Blogging tomorrow on the Carina Press website, so maybe it will feel more "real" then???